• We are absolutely thrilled to be stocking these amazing books by Colour Chronicles


    ' Memories are timeless treasures of the heart'


    What a beautiful way to capture the everything of growing up with this childhood journal for kids and their grown-ups


    Suitable for AGES 1-16 YEARS


    The BABY Book of You is also available under a seperate listing


    It is easy to see how this fabulous UK Based company have won multiple awards for their products 

    The Book of You

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    • That thing they say, that song they sing, that face you pull together, that dance you do together. The Book of You helps you remember it all. 

      • Designed with every kind of family in mind. 

      • Created and printed in the UK with love. 

      • Fill-in-together childhood journal

      • This fill-in-together childhood journal is designed to help you capture, celebrate and bond over all the thrills and spills of growing up. Spanning years 1-16, there’s space for both kids and grown-ups to add their own personal memories, drawings, photos and mementos. It’s a unique chance to see family life through each other’s eyes, while creating a memory book you can both treasure forever. 

        When it feels like childhood is whizzing by, this childhood journal is a chance to slow down, smell the roses (as well as other less delicious odors) and make all those unforgettable memories, unforgettable. 

    • s The Book of You suitable for my family?

      The Book of You is filled out once a year from age one to sixteen with the inclusion of questions for the child from age three.

      Every year it asks 'Who I am to you' so it doesn't have to be the same person filling it out each year and makes it inclusive for all families.

      I would like to give one of your books as a gift, is there somewhere for me to write a message?

      Yes, our books have a dedication page at the beginning to write a personal message.

      Are your books suitable for same sex couples or single parents?

      Yes, the only prompt for the grown up is ‘Who I am to you’, our books are designed for all families.

      Is there space for photos?

      Yes, all our books have the iconic ‘Make your mark’ pages which are free space for hand and foot prints, drawings, photos, or mementos.

      What are some of the prompts?

      There are prompts every year for the grown up to write about the child ‘The things you do that make me laugh’ along with ‘Your best quotes’, space for everything that you don’t want to be forgotten.

      There are age appropriate questions to ask from the age of three, ‘What makes you happy?’ along with ‘What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done this year?’ which evolves in to the most embarrassing thing when they get older. The questions mature as the years pass and it ends at age sixteen with a note to their future self along with hopes and predictions for the future.

      My child is four already, is it too late to start The Book of You?

      With yearly entries right up to age 16 you would still get 13 years of memories to fill in so not too late at all. Lots of people backfill and lots don’t.